Kramer Angus

Kramer Angus in the Showring!

Dameron Kramers Nellie 7041

Reserve Division - 2018 Jr National
Reserve Division - 2019 National Western Stock Show
Division Champion - 2018 Eastern Regional

Congratulations to Delaney Heath, Dameron Angus, C-5 Angus

Top line Kramer's Lady 5110

Class winner National Western Stock Show
and Supreme Champion  SEMO District Fair Open and Jr

Shown by Paige Birk

Kramers Blackcap 7010

Open Show Calf Champion - 2017 Illinois State Fair

Kramers Black Granite 680- pic

Res Sr Bull Calf Champion - 2017 Illinois State Fair

Kramers Top Line Lady 6080

Res Sr Calf Champion - 2017 Illinois State Fair

Kramers Lady 668

Class Champion Open and Jr - 2017 Illinois State Fair

TC Truckers Girl 125C

Res Grand IL State Fair Jr Red Angus show 2016

Res Division 2016 Jr National

Owned with Kollwood Farm

Kramers Captain Morgan 570

AAA# +18328712

Division Champion 2016 World Beef

Res Division 2016 Illinois State Fair

Owned with Foley Farms

Kramers TopLine Lady 5100


Shown by Morgan Kramer

Res.Division 2016 Angus Jr Nationals

Owned with JP Farm

Shown by Cali Bayer

2015 NWSS Grand Champion Heifer Jr.

FCF SCC Nellie 347

AAA# 17705873

Shown by Morgan Kramer

Grand Cow Calf 2015 Illinois State Fair ROV Show

Division Winner at NAILE

Division Winner at National Junior Angus Show

Division Winner at Illinois State Fair Open Show

Kramers Lady 4009

AAA# 17877784

Shown by Morgan Kramer

Class Winner at 2014 North American Junior Show

Owned with Kollwood Farm



Shown by Cali Bayer

Grand Champion Angus Jr Show, NAILE

Kramers Top Line Romeo 2011
VAR Rocky X Top Line Lady 9111

AAA# 17511008


Owned with JP Angus and Top Line Angus

Senior Bull Calf Champion 2014 NWSS
Senior Bull Calf Champion Ft. Worth Stock Show
Grand Champion Angus Bull 2014 IL Angus Futurity Show & Sale

Top Line Lady 9111

S A V Bismarck 5682 X OBAR Gambles Lady 1056

AAA# 16556162

Reserve Grand Champion 2011 NWSS Open Angus Show
Supreme Champion 2011 All American Angus Futurity Jr. Angus Show

Top Line Lady 0911
BC Lookout 7024 X CF Top Line Lady 814

AAA# 17182516

Senior Heifer Calf Champion 2013 NWSS
Early Sr. Yearling Champion 2013 National Jr. Angus Show
Grand Champion Owned Female 2013 All American Angus Futurity Jr. Show
Sr. Yearling Champion 2013 IL State Fair Open & Jr. Show

Kramers Evergreen Erica 270
B C Lookout 7024 X Kramers Evergreen Erica 1558

AAA# 17418007

Owned with Kollwood Farms, IL,

Supreme Champion 2013 DuQuoin State Fair Jr. Show

Top Line Lady 3011

Vin-Mar O'Reilly Factor X Top Line Lady 9111

AAA# 17608207

Owned with Steve Birk, MO

Res. Division Champion 2014 IL Beef Expo
Class Winner 2014 NWSS Jr. Show
Supreme Champ Ring A & B, 2014 U of I Hoof N Horn

Top Line Lady 0712
S A V Brilliance 8077 X Gambles lady 959

AAA# 17298929

Reserve Division Champion 2013 IL Beef Expo
Reserve Grand Champion 2013 DuQuion State Fair Jr. Show
Early Jr. Champion All American Angus Futurity Jr. Show
Reserve Early Jr. Champion 2013 IL Preview Show

Kramers Evergreen Erica 072

S A V Bismarck 5682 X K F Evergreen Erica 1252

AAA# 16891627

Reserve Grand Champion 2011 DuQuion State Fair
Grand Champion Production Female 2012 IL Angus Futurity

Top Line Edella 1166

S A V Prosperity 9131X MCATL Edella 088-146

AAA# 16979411

Class Winner 2012 NWSS
Division Champion 2012 IL Beef Expo

TC Cupcake 03Y
3 Aces Sideways X Meado-West Luanna

RAAA# 1424393


Reserve Grand Champion 2013 NWSS Red Angus Jr. Show,
Grand Champion Red Angus 2012 IL State Fair

KF Up Front 508
TC Forefront 1205 X K F Evergreen Erica 1087

AAA# 14698574

Grand Champion Angus Bull 2009 50th Anniversary IL Angus Futurity