Kramer Angus

Kramer Angus Herd Sires

Kramers Payweight 705

AAA# 18935473

- Top Selling Bull 2018 Bull Sale to Bolsen Angus at $11,000.
- The largest sire group born at Kramer Angus in 2019 will be sired by Payweight 705.
- This is a 1682 son with length, good stature, good feet and added bone. In addition he's stout made structurally sound, with striking good looks. His dam is a steller cow and entered our E.T. program at the age of 7.
- His 1st calves have all been born unassisted and the same quality as their sire.

Owned with Bolsen Angus
Semen Available.

Kramers Apollo 317
Koupal Juneau 797 X Kramers Evergreen Erica 1204

AAA# 17668327

- Apollo is a highly proven bull that has sired top sellers all over the country.
- Proven heifer safe. He sires vigrous calves that grow on to be outstanding as yearlings. Apollo will add muscle and quailty. Daughters are exceptionally good uddred and wean heavy calves. Apollo will also improve feet.

Owned with Koupal Angus, SD
Special Thanks to Krebs Ranch for purchasing our top selling bull at our 16th Annual Sale!
Semen available contact Koupal Angus or Cattle visions.

Kramers Enforce 5006

AAA# 18338208

- Admired by Astute Cattleman for his power, superior conformation and performance.
- His 1st daughters have topped sales across the country.

Owned with Dameron Angus, ZWT, Top Line Farm, C-5 Angus, FCF Henning Farms, Pleasant Hill Farms, Double Diamond Angus.
Semen Available - Contact Cattle Visions.

Poca Creek Broken Bow 507

AAA# 18784585

- Purchased as top selling bull at Poca Creek Bull Sale Bonesteel, SD.
- He has an exceptionally, balanced EPD profile.
- His 1st calves look outstanding.

KR Joe Canada 4252

AAA# 17936441

- Purchased as a $23,000 feature of the 2015 Keebs Ranch Bull Sale.
- Offers outcross genetics.
- Daughters are making great cows with perfect udders.

Owned with Kollwoud Farm

Kramers Jackpot 645

- Top selling bull of our 2017 Sale to Cannon Valley Ranch, Goodhue, MN and Accelerated Genetics.
- Excellent performance with well balanced EPD Profile.
- Sires high quality calves and improves feet.
- Dam is in ET Program.

Owned with Cannon Valley Ranch
Semen Available.