Kramer Angus

2018 Female Sale

Kramer Angus

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Annual Kramer Angus Online Heifer Sale
Monday, November 5, 2018
Hosted by Angus Live

Lot 1 - Kramers Top Line Lady 853

DOB - 03/07/2018 
PVF Insight 0129 x Top Line Lady 9111
Reg #19197742

This featured female is a direct daughter of the champion producing 9111. We consider this one very special, She has that look, presence, and power to make a great show heifer and even better donor. Maternal sisters include Grand Heifer at the 2014 North American Jr Show, Grand Heifer at 2015 NWSS Jr Show, Grand Angus Heifer at 2016 IL Beef Expo and a host of other winners at NJAS. Retaining 1/2 embryo interest.

Lot 2 - Top Line Kramers Lady 843

DOB -02/14/2018 
Silveiras Style 9303 x Top Line Lady 0911
Reg #19197711

An outstanding daughter of Top Live Lady 0911, the past 2013 NJAS Early Sr Champion. She's big ribbed, super sound structured, and great haired. Her dam was the winnest heifer Morgan showed and a personal favorite. This one just keeps getting better. Retaining the right to six embryos at buyers convenience and sellers expense.

Lot 3 - MLK RED VELVET 847

DOB -02-20-2018
Reg #3900129

A very special Red Angus Heifer from the Six Mile program. Her dam Six Mile Barmaid was purchased as a $21,000 feature bred heifer in their 2017 sale. If you're looking for a red that will hang banners and make a great donor, here she is! Take special note of her video and super sound structure. Retaining 1/2 Embryo Interest.

Lot 4 - Kramers Lady 821

DOB -01/08/2018 
S A V Sensation 5615 x Top Line Lady 3011
Reg #19156412

This is a personal favorite. She's super complete in her make up. She has the appeal, correctness and power to be competative at any level, and a pedigree to make an even better cow. Her dam was a Denver Class Winner and Supreme at 2014 Hoof and Horn Show in both rings. Retaining the right to 6 Embryos at buyers convenience and sellers expense.

Lot 5 - Kramers Forever Lady 814

DOB -01/08/2018 
Kramers Enforce 5006 x Kramers Forever Lady 556
Reg #19151690

Fantastic daughter of Enforce. Shes a big ribbed, powerfully built heifer with a stunning good look. She stems back to the foundation donor Birks Forever Lady 110. This one is no miss!

Lot 6 - Kramers Forever Lady 818

DOB -01/08/2018
Kramers Enforce 5006 x Kramers Forever Lady 15
Reg #19151693

This Forever Lady has been a standout since day 1. Enforce is proving himself as a bull that sires the "look" and presence of Insight with added stoutness, bone and performance. This is a special heifer. Study her over, she will grow on you.

Lot 7 - Kramers Lady 841

DOB -03/01/2018 
Kramers Enforce 5006 x Top Line Lady 5007
Reg #19198049

Very complete eye appeal heifer that combines Enforce and the past Denver Grand Champion OBAR Gambles Lady 1056. Heres one that will show and go on to be a stunning cow in anyones pasture.

Lot 8 - Kramers Top Line Lady 867

DOB - 05/19/2018  
Kramers Enforce 5006 x Top Line Lady 9111
Reg #19197962

TAKE NOTE HERE! Direct Daugher of 9111 past Denver Champion and Dam of numerous winners at National Shows. Sired by Enforce. Just a may baby, shes getting better by the day. Super soft made, good structure, stout made. Has a wonderful disposition. Retaining the right to six embryos at buyers convenience and sellers expense.

Lot 9 - Kramers Evergreen Erica 807

DOB -01/04/2018 
HB Success 33 x Kramers Evergreen Erica 334
Reg #19146232

This Evergreen Erica is long spined, sound structured and easy on the eyes. She would be great for a beginner or someone wanting to add this cow family to their herd. Mother is a tremendously good producing, easy fleshing cow with perfect udder.

Lot 10 - MLK LISA 828

DOB -01-17-2018
Reg #3900131

Red Angus. A Special Red! If you like them deep bodied, big boned, sound structured and stout, Take Note HERE! This one's a load. Tremendous pedigree Epic x Card Shark. Dam raised Reserve Grand LOL Red Angus at 2017 IL State Fair, Shown by Grace Rinker. Retaining right to six Embryos at buyers convenience and sellers expense.

Lot 11 - Kramers 846

Sire: Red Six Mile Taurus 519 Reg #1736826
Dam: Red 46 Alana 13X Reg # 1557943
Reg #TBA

Red Angus. Full sister to the $115,000 Six Mile High Caliber. Shes a special breeding piece. She's long spined, sound structured, good footed and cowy built. Owned with FCF and Kollwood. Retaining the right to Six Embryos at buyers convenience and sellers expense.

Lot 12

3 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos
Srie: Colburn Primo 5153 Reg #18217480
Dam: FCF Missy 406 Reg # 17883598

Dam of these Embryos is a $25,000 Full sister to PVF Insight. 406 has a weaning ratio of 106 on 1 calf.

Lot 12A

3 IVF Embryos
Srie: SAV Raindance 6848 Reg #18578965
Dam: FCF Missy 406 Reg # 17883598

Lot 13

2 IVF Sexed Heifer Embryos
Srie: PVF Insight 0129 REg #16805884
Dam: Kramers Evergreen Erica 1558 Reg #15730243

These embryos are full sisters to Kramers Enforce 5006. $86,000 Top selling bull.

Lot 14

4 Straws of BC Lookout
Reg # 14791623

Lot 15

10 Straws CFCC Black Jack 001
Reg # 16890372

Sire of KR Casino

Lot 16

5 Straws KA Status 4267
Reg # 17936442

$145,000 Top selling bull 2015 KREBS Ranch Bull Sale